We provide Patient Educational materials in terms of:

A tool used by the doctors to educate their patients with the help of images of various diseases.

flip chart

Customized for educating patients regarding various aspects of the disease such as symptoms, diagnosis and preventive measures.


Simple and easy to understand booklet educating patients about the disease in various languages.


 Pad with leaflets containing images and text pertaining to a specific area which a Doctor can give to the patient along with the prescriptions.

 PVC Mat with images and text pertaining to a specific disease / condition.


Globe Pharma Publications offers Anatomical Models which can make a robust relationship between the clinicians and their patients to understand better about the various diseases.

Clinicians will appreciate the effectiveness of an Anatomical Model when they will try to educate their patients about the particular disease with the help of Anatomical Model.

Anatomical Models Patient Education

Another clinical benefit of an Anatomical Model is its ability to increase the patient compliance levels due to a more concrete understanding a patient’s condition and treatment plan.


Diabetes   4 Peace Arterys



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